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Yard Essentials

Landscape Maintenance Inc.

Valerian Seeds

Organic Valerian- Valerian officinalis 

Zone 3

Exposure preference: Full-Part Sun

Mature size: 1.5 feet wide x 3-5 feet tall

Directions: Direct sow in spring after last frost date. Plant 1/2" deep, keep moist - will take a couple weeks to germinate.

approximately 50 seeds

Valerian officinalis

Marshmallow Seeds

Organic Marshmallow- Althea officinalis 

Zone 3

Exposure preference: Full Sun

Mature size: 4-5 ft tall x 2 feet wide

Directions: Place your seeds in the fridge for a couple weeks to mimic dormancy period.  Start indoor 3-4 weeks before the last frost date, plant outside after the last frost date.

Approximately 500 seeds

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